Stalkers. Bhahaha

Saturday, November 8, 2014


I just don't like the ideas of "oh he's wearing a jubah and has a serban on his head, he is certainly a good guy" or "she has a long and wide hijab, i bet she is solehah and you know what she's definitely on my zaujah-to-be list".

We all know that one's appearance is actually the manifestation of what one believes. But this cant be applied 100% . To certain extent, this theory is not applicable. 

Some things need to get straight. I am not telling that the girl with the wide hijab is bad. No, that is not my point. 

My point is, the insight from one people towards another people should not be affected 100% by the way he/she dresses.

What I'm trying to say is, it can be like, a guy who dresses up like an RnB singer is actually also good in reciting Quran. And maybe a girl who doesnt wear a niqab or jubah all the time is actually a master in Arabic language. 

Stereotype. Yeap. People should stop labeling people based on stereotypes. Think outside the box. 

Just because s/he is not dressing "Islamic" way to your eyes, it doesn't make her/him any lesser "Muslim".

Well, the guidelines are already written. As long as the boundaries are there, and we have fulfilled the criteria and dont go beyond the boundaries, insha Allah our deeds will be accepted. 

The acceptance of our deeds is not based on the acceptance by people. It may look wrong to people's eyes but to Him, it is not a problem. Focus on what you think is right without neglecting His guidelines and do filter on what people say to you. Screw people who keep saying this and that but never do a thing and you just gotta keep moving forward. 

That's all. No opening for this post but here's an ending to it. Yeap, the end.