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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I am now being haunted by many things -- too many things. I am so afraid of what I am going to face.

My academic's achievements are not that good. I knew I didn't perform so well during the examination but I was given the chances to retake the papers. But still, the marks did not change.

I don't know how to do. Seniors said, that is totally normal. You have to retake many times the papers then after twice or thrice only your marks will get improved.

Thats what's bothering my mind right now. I have 4 Ds right now and 1K. This K especially really pissed me off. I was banned from entering exam because of the stupid bureaucracy of this freaking university.

And they said, if you have more than 1Ds, you are not allowed to start skripsi (thesis work before you start clinical years). If this is true, oh well guess what, how many blocks do i have to settle now? Oh sweeet.

I know i should have not been bothered by this. But i have taken all the remedial that i should sit, but still, no changes. Am i that stupid? I dont think so.

They said, focus on what you can control. What's past is past. Damn. That is just hard when you dont know where you went wrong. I dont know where i went wrong.

If they said, this is because i didnt study much. Oh man, cool reason you got there. Like the other persons study sangat. Hha.

Well. This is whats on my mind when people ask me apa cerita you dekat USU skrg? It contradicts to what I answer. If i were to tell, who's gonna bother anyway? Everyone has their own problem to settle. So why should i tell mine, shouldnt i.

That's all. I am so pissed off to no one. Maybe to myself for not being serious at the first place. But i was rebellious back then. I didnt want this road. But due to some things, ive convinced myself, cmon, you can do this. But by the time i realized it, it was way too late. Way too too late.

God. I really need help. Unsurna ya Rabb.

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